White Spotted Gene

All of the variations below are recessive genes.

Irish White (si)

This is typically associated with a white chest, muzzle, feet or socks and a white tail tip. This may or may not include a full collar or a face blaze.

Piebald (sp)

These dogs will have not only the Irish White markings, but white that extends up into and/or over the body of the dog.

Extreme White (sw)

These dogs will be mostly white with a little bit of color markings here and there

White Factored

An English Shepherd that inherits one Irish White gene and either the Piebald or Extreme White gene can exhibit signs of being “white factored”. If two white factored dogs are bred together, then there is the possibility of producing Piebald or Extreme White puppies. White factored dogs may have a white patch located on one of their hips and/or white that runs up the front stifles on their rear legs. The white on the rear legs can be very obvious, or it can just connect from the white on the back feet up to the white on the belly with a thin line of white on the inside of the legs.