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Books of Interest to English Shepherd Owners:

  • Working Sheep Dogs by Tully Williams – he has done a LOT of thinking about how different working traits fit together and result in a good working dog.
  • The Farmer’s Dog by John Holmes. Popular Dogs Publ. Co. Ltd., 3 Fitzroy Square, London, WIP 6JD, U.K.
  • Herding Dogs: Progressive Training by Vergil Holland. Howell Book House, 15 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10023.
  • Training and Working Dogs For Quiet Confident Control of Stock, by Scott Lithgow, University of Queensland Press, © 1987
  • Sheepdog Training, An All Breed Approach , by Mari Taggert. Describes ES’s in a brief paragraph as being like “the old Chevy car.”
  • Stockdog Savvy by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor and Ty Talor. Stockdog Savvy Workbook. Both books are available through Amazon. Plus a review of the workbook from Working Aussie Source.

Books that Feature the English Shepherd Dog:

  • The Howell Book of Dogs by Liz Palika A definitive reference to 200 breeds and varieties.  Best general interest or reference book, Dog Writers Association of America 2007, Features English Shepherd Dillon owned by Rebecca Wingler
  • Harper’s Illustrated Handbook of Dogs, 1991., Roger Caras (ed.), ISBN 0-06-273164-5, Harper & Row, Publishers, Color plate (#98) of an English Shepherd, pg. 259–nice 1 page breed description. Available in hard cover and paperback. Interesting book with pictures of several of the lesser known UKC breeds.
  • The Atlas of Dog Breeds of the World ; 1989, 2 Volumes, Wilcox and Walkowicz, ISBN 0-86622-855-1, T.F.H. Publications, Inc., Pg. 372, 2 color photos with a discription of the breed, Pg. 60 color photo of ES working cattle.
  • A Celebration of Rare Breeds, 1986, Cathy Flamholtz, ISBN 0-940269-00-7, OTR Publications, Pages 88 through 91, 3 B/W photos with stories about old time ES people. Fun to read.

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