Sunnyside English Shepherds

Nicole Moody, BC, Canada, 1-250-219-6343
Litter born Sept 17th, 2023

One male pup and one female pup available (01/31/2024)

Male Pup: Hero

Hero is a sweet, shadowy ES; a lover boy who lives to be right by your side. Very eager to please. He’s a middle of the road boy for energy. Hero won’t likely be happy as an outside only dog. This pup will thrive as an inside family dog who accompanies his owners outside or elsewhere; he wants to be very involved with his people. Unlike a couple of his siblings, he has never shown a desire to be a Houdini.

Female Pup: Harmony

Harmony is a sweet girl. She is a softer pup than her brothers. She also isn’t as high energy as Hero or her brother Hitachi. While a bit reserved and slightly more independent in some ways (although still attached to people) she is still very compliant to training and handling. She catches on pretty quickly to new ideas once she’s comfortable with the learning environment. An exciting experience – like her first intro to ducks – can cause her to forget about her reserve and get involved.

I think Harmony is best suited to a home that will focus on providing extra play and pleasant experiences and/or a working environment that will build her confidence in positive ways so she learns to be cheerful and confident during the less exciting/distracting-from-her-discomfort times. Harmony is happy and ready to romp in familiar environments or with more outgoing companions on new turf. Alone in settings that have things or sounds she’s never experienced she can be a bit hesitant yet, if she trusts her handler, she will submit to new things. With some patience and positive socialization,
she will come into her own.

Litter born Sept 17th, 2023.

We are an established Canadian breeder of the beautiful but rare English Shepherd dog. We strive to breed well-rounded, quality, health, herding instinct and temperament tested dogs for work, play, and companionship. We employ ENS, ESI, and utilize marker training, along with litter training, and crate and sound exposure during our puppy rearing timeframe.

Our versatile dogs have been successfully placed in active urban and rural homes, working ranches, a home daycare, as sport (barn hunt, herding, agility, fast cat) and therapy dog prospects. They're known for their off switch and nurturing, child friendly traits.

These pups were DNA parentage tested to confirm sire, as we were away traveling when they got together. The whole litter was herding instinct and temperament tested at 7 weeks of age. Videos of those are available to serious inquirers.

Previous Litters
This is Gemma's first litter.

Breeder Info/Location/Contact Information: please call or email for more info (see contact details below)
When did you have your first ES litter? Sept 28, 2016
When did you acquire ES breeding stock? June 2014

Nicole Moody
Box 301, Pouce Coupe,  BC V0C 2C0, CANADA
or click on Nicole's name to send an email

Sire: SSacres Laddie's MISTYcal Gandalf (Copper)

Date of birth: 12/20/2021
Registration: ESCR
Hip and Elbow screen: OFA Good, OFA Elbows Normal
Other testing (through Embark, dated 11-9-2022): MDR1 – Clear, CEA - Clear, PRA/Prcd - Clear, TNS - Clear, Urate Kidney and Bladder Stones - Clear

Description: Copper is young, boisterous, and a social butterfly. He's a big boy who is very intelligent, quick and motivated to learn. He was gung-ho for his first intro to barnhunt this summer. The instructor commented that the two (Gemma and Copper) are very different in presentation but extraordinary for how quickly they picked up on what they were supposed to do.

I haven't been able to try Copper on stock (other his herding instinct test as a pup, in which he did well.) We'll see if I'm up to working him on our new sheep this summer. He is an affectionate, sweet boy.

Pedigree: SSacres Boreland Chisum's Amazn Phoenix x SSacres Mist Driftin' o'er Hi Plains

Dam: SSacres Opal n Laddie's Flag (Gemma)

Date of birth: 07/04/2021
Registration: ESCR
Hip and Elbow screen: OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows Normal
Other testing (through Embark, dated 11-9-2022): MDR1 – Clear, CEA – Clear, PRA/Prcd – Clear, TNS – Clear, Urate Kidney and Bladder Stones – Clear

Description: Gemma is a sweet, nurturing girl. She has soft, limpid eyes. She likes and wants to make friends with livestock. I haven't had a chance to herd with her but we just got a couple of sheep, so perhaps this summer. She did well with her first intro to barnhunt last summer. Her cues are subtle and she just quietly went around discovering the various hides.

Gemma likes people but is slightly reserved and withholds any displays of affection with strangers until she decides she'd like to be friends. With her family, she likes to snuggle up and to please.

Pedigree: SSacres Boreland Chisum's Amazn Phoenix x SSacres B Jazz's Full Monty Opal