Paradise English Shepherds

Kacy Pogue, Idaho, 986-777-1367
Litter born Sept 11th, 2023

Sire: Paradise’s Roland the Bold

Date of birth: 09/08/2017
Registration: ESCR, UKC
Hip screen: PennHip 0.34/0.19
Other testing: MDR1 – Normal/Normal, CEA – Normal (clear), PRA/Prcd – Normal (clear), DM – Normal (clear), Clear for all genetic disorders tested by Embark.

Description: Roland is a handsome, 5yr old, tricolor male. He is very playful, affectionate, and willing to walk through fire if told to by his boy. His loyalty to Garrett, his owner, is one of the most spectacular examples I have ever seen in a dog! He is very obedient and willing to please with everyone, but you know exactly when he sees his boy. His face lights up, tail goes straight up in the air, and everything around him disappears until he can get near his person!

Roland doesn’t have a lot of drive to work livestock, and is overall very gentle with animals. He will work if need be, but most of the time he will let his dad, who has a great herding drive, do the work. He is not an alpha male at all and gets along well with all other dogs. I don’t think we’ve had a dog near him that he didn’t like. He is very gentle with the puppies, and makes a great babysitter.

Pedigree: KC’s Green Mountain Conrad x KC’s ZBest Quintessa

Dam: Jaiaen’s KC Brenna – Tribute to Rio

Date of birth: 08/07/2016
Registration: ESCR, UKC
Hip screen: PennHip 0.31/0.45
Other testing: MDR1: Normal/Normal, CEA – Normal (clear), PRA/Prcd – Normal (clear), DM – Normal (clear), Clear for all genetic disorders tested by Embark.

Description: Brenna is by far the sweetest, calmest dog I’ve ever owned! She is the picture of docile. She is a great mamma, setting adequate boundaries with the other dogs and her puppies, and is very caring with the babies. Literally the only aggression I have ever seen her exhibit is when one of the males gets too near her whelping box before the pups start learning to climb out, and that is a lifted lip.

Brenna loves every person she meets, from the youngest baby to the oldest. Most people that come here immediately love her because of her sweet nature! She gets along great with new dogs as well. She isn’t pushy, and has a great sense of personal boundaries. She has always has been this way. If one bends down to pet her, then stops, she will calmly sit there, waiting to see if she can get more attention. She isn’t demanding for it at all! She is very well mannered, and sensitive to what is expected of her. She rarely gets reproved for ill behavior, as she is a master at figuring out what is expected of her.

Brenna is my shadow dog; she loves to come with me on walks, car rides, horseback riding, pretty much anything. The only time her loyalty falters is the first 4 weeks of her puppies’ lives, in which she is very focused on their well being. I wasn’t thrilled with having a black and white dog, with so many awesome English shepherd colors available, but as the old saying goes, “color is as color does”. Her color now has such a sweet place in my heart because of her wonderful personality!

Pedigree: Blueberry Hill Sudan x Trail Blazer’s Breeze

Litter born Sept 11th, 2023. Large litter: 7 boys - 5 tricolor, 2 are black and white; 6 girls, all black and white.

This is the last opportunity to get a Brenna puppy, she will be retiring from Mammahood after this litter. These two have produced some beautiful puppies, with equally or even superior temperaments. Their offspring' working ability is very calm and focused. They don't have a super strong need to push hard. They are incredibly smart, sensitive dogs, very willing to please. They are excellent companion dogs and very human focused. The majority of the pups are easy going dogs with a strong desire to snuggle. In every litter we get a very active fella as well. The puppies will be socialized based on the rule of 7. They will be directly exposed to Sheep, Chickens and cats, possibly Horses, cows and goats.

Previous Litters

06/03/2017 - 11 pups
01/07/2018 - 11 pups
09/04/2018 - 12 pups
09/30/2019 - 11 pups
04/20/2020 - 12 pups
11/12/2020 - 10 pups

Breeder Info/Location/Contact Information: please call or email for more info (see contact details below)
When did you have your first ES litter? 2013
When did you acquire ES breeding stock? 2010

Did you own ES before starting your breeding program? Yes, grew up with them. Parents acquired their first one in 1994.

Kacy Pogue
Idaho – (986) 777 - 1367
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