Montana Joyful Treasures English Shepherds

Mary Mills, Montana, 406-369-0735
Litter due June 1st, 2023

Sire: Orchard Hill Lad

Lad lying in a field of grass.

Date of birth: 07/06/2018
Registration: ESCR
Hip screen: PennHIP 0.46/0.45
Other testing: MDR1 – Normal/Normal
TNS – Clear, PRA-PRCD – Clear, CEA – clear, Urate Kidney and Bladder Stones – clear

Temperament: Lad has always been an eager to please, hard-working, loving dog. he is determined, intuitive, and proud. he has an active sense of what his owner calls “self-preservation”. Meaning that in new situations he takes a moment to assess before diving into the unknown. he is not shy, but rather thoughtful and direct. Lad is incredibly friendly and loves interacting with new people.

Working Dog: Lad has worked as an active farm dog for his entire life. he takes his job seriously and would even try to help with chores as a small pup. He works with stubborn or frightened animals well. He takes on new jobs and responsibilities with pride and excitement.

From Lad’s owner:
“His temperament and attitude are amazing. He’s a working farm dog and has been out with me since he was 9 weeks old. My barn is divided so I could keep him safely in one half so he could watch the sheep and ‘help’ with chores. As soon as he was agile enough he came with me out to the pasture and
we started herding training. While he is by no means fully trained, he does have the basics down enough to help me bring the sheep in from the pasture. He’s shown an ability to handle stubborn sheep as well as adjust his methods for a flock who had just been hunted by coyotes (one was killed in that incident and they were very spooky). He also herds chickens, ducks, and sometimes our geese.
Lately, I started teaching him to guard the gate. He loves this game and will keep all animals from going through an open gate so I can feed without having to open and close gates. He’s got what I call a sense of self-preservation. In new situations where he isn’t sure what I want, he’ll stop and look to me to tell him what to do. He’s definitely not one to dive in headfirst before knowing what’s going on. Not that he’s shy or doesn’t have courage, just that he likes to assess situations before jumping in. He has always been willing to do what I ask of him, even when it’s a little scary for him. He adores most people, and will happily be petted by almost anyone.”

Pedigree: Orchard Hill Champ x Orchard Hill’s Fae

Dam: Joy Bells Unloosed

Joy Bells is standing by the water. She is happy.

Date of birth: 05/15/2017
Registration: ESCR
Hip screen: PennHIP 0.15/0.31
Other testing: MDR1: Normal/Normal
TNS – Clear, PRA-PRCD – Clear, CEA – Clear, HUU – Clear

Description: Joy truly lives up to her name – happy, well mannered, peaceful and obedient. She is super smart and biddable, (eager and willing to learn new things). She is trained in basic obedience, rally obedience, agility and scent work. She is officially registered with Canines for Christ as a Therapy Dog, thus well socialized to human interaction of all ages and conditions. She especially loves children and is gentle with the frail and infirm and with small children. With young, small and/or timid dogs she often takes on the role of mentor and her behavior seems to encourage them to be more confident.

Joy is a wonderful companion while cross-country skiing, hiking, kayaking and on horseback trail rides. We are members of a varied group of “Women who run with the dogs” thus she is well socialized with other dogs.

We have no livestock other than my saddle horse, thus she has little herding experience – other than a few lessons in herding sheep. However, she is more than happy to “herd” the elk off our hay stack when told “move them out of here” and executes immediate recall when I whistle her back to me. I have no doubt that she has inherited the herding instinct from her dam and sire. She does not chase wildlife or livestock, but will alert me to their presence.

Pedigree: Rimrock Loose Cinch x Sleepin Dog’s Loose Reins


Litter due June 1st, 2023

Previous Litters None

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When did you have your first ES litter? this is the first litter
When did you acquire ES breeding stock? May 2017
Did you own ES before starting your breeding program? No

Mary Mills
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