Foley’s English Shepherds

Robin Foley, OR, 541-571-3700
Litter born Feb 4th, 2024

One male pup available (04/15/2024)

Male Pup: Leo

Leo is a robust, energetic fellow. He is affectionate and wants to be on your heel, he has a strong desire to get after it. Anything that moves he is watching and chasing, he love the horses and doesn’t hesitate to approach them. He has good sense and a really fun personality. Leo will do best as a work companion, working dog, or with very active individuals.

Leo settles down easily, responds to commands and is crate trained.

Litter born Sept Feb 4th, 2024

Previous Litters
This was Daize's first litter.

Breeder Info/Location/Contact Information: please call or email for more info (see contact details below)
When did you have your first ES litter? 2005
When did you acquire ES breeding stock? 2003

Robin Foley
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Sire: Briarrose’s Black Thorne Bluff

Date of birth: 04/09/2014
Registration: ESCR, UKC
Hip and Elbow screen: ASI PennHip Right DI = 0.38, Left DI = 0.49
Other testing MDR1 – Clear, CEA - Clear, PRA/Prcd - Clear, DM - Clear

Description: Thorne is an energetic, fun loving, dog but most of all he is a gentleman. He is happy and content in any situation. He is very well-behaved and adapts to any new experience. He’s happy to lay contented at your feet or play ball, dig on command or just pal around with his humans or other dogs.

Pedigree: Patton’s Black Rock Buddy x Comanche Bluff Sassy Britches

Dam: Foley’s Daize Duke Raulston

Date of birth: 09/28/2019
Registration: ESCR, UKC
Hip screen: ASI PennHIP Right DI = 0.47, Left DI = 0.42
Other testing: MDR1 – Clear, CEA – Clear, PRA/Prcd – Clear, TNS – Clear, Urate Kidney and Bladder Stones – Clear

Description: Daize is a go anywhere do anything dog. She is happy to take a trip to the city or just hang out on the farm. She loves her people and spends her days watching over her animals or hunting rodents. Daize is very good with other dogs and animals, everyone that meets her loves her sweet, passive temperament.

Daize can be loud when needed - she tends to correct the other dogs when she sees them acting out. She has been an exceptional mother and has taught her pups valuable lessons.

Pedigree: Raulston’s Roscoe x Raulston’s Roxie Foley