Bullard Farms English Shepherds

Larry Bullard, Arkansas, 870-612-2494 (TEXT preferred)
Litter born January 12, 2023

Sire: BA’s Ancient of Days Dog (Tucker)

Date of birth: 6/22/2013
Registration: ESCR, UKC
Hip screen: PennHip (DI) Right DI =0.20. Left DI = 0.17
Other testing: MDR1 – Normal/Normal by pedigree

Description: Tucker is a Tri-Colored male. Weighs around 65lbs. There isn’t anything this guy can’t be trained to do and really fast. He knows a lot of one word soft commands and follows then perfect every time. He will obey one word commands as far as you can see him. He is as good and as smart a dog as my wife has ever had. He is Priceless to both of us. He can take care of as big a snake as there is and won’t hesitate to do so on his own. He loves new things. Always wanting to learn. He is from Marcy and Mark Oerly’s big male “Bert”. He has excellent working bloodlines. Also from Mrs. Gloria Corley, Twin Springs Farm female out of “Jack”. He is also a nephew to Bullard’s Incredible Ike. He is out of “Jack”. A great proven
stud dog. Both dogs have excellent bloodlines. He should put a good set of hips on your pup. His are as good as it gets. If you are looking for a working dog, therapy dog, farm/ranch or just a companion for your children these will work for you. He loves children to death endlessly.

Pedigree: Oerly’s Albert x Oerly’s That’s A Winner Gabby

Dam: Blue Sky’s Savage Hill Haggen

Date of birth: 8/30/2020
Registration: ESCR, UKC
Hip screen: OFA Mild Hip Dysplasia
Other testing: MDR1: Mutant/Normal
CEA – Clear, PRA/PRCD – Clear

Description: Haggen is 45lbs. She knows a lot of commands and hand signals and has been through Andi Reimer training school. She is very well mannered, responding to soft spoken commands, and minds correctly every time as far as you can see her. Haggen does not tolerate any varmints that are not supposed to be around and is an outstanding dog in every way including being a great mother to her babies. She is bonded very tightly to myself and Brenda and is everything you could want in an ES.

Pedigree: McCoy’s Red Star Big Mac x McCoy’s Savage Hill Annie

Litter born January 12 – 9 pups – 5 males, 4 females

PUPS ARE HERE! This is the mother’s first litter. Been looking forward to it for some time now. Both parents are from strong working foundation bloodlines. Beautiful in color. These pups can be Farm/Ranch dogs, Service dogs, or a shadow for your children, they will be very loyal and protective. Will alert toward strangers but warm up to them. They will love to please you as you give your love back to them. Wish we could keep all of them.

Previous Litters N/A, first litter

Breeder Info/Location/Contact Information: please call or email for more info (see contact details below)
When did you have your first ES litter? 30+ years ago
When did you acquire ES breeding stock? About 35-40 years ago. Purchased a good male black/tan from Mrs. Edna Blankenship in Tennessee. He would eat a cow or a hog up. Had a lot of grit.
My wife Brenda will be doing the dog breeding program along with my guidance from now on due to my health issues.

Did you own ES before starting your breeding program? Yes. I am 68yrs old and have had ES for most of my life.

Larry Bullard
Arkansas – (870) 612-2494 – please send a TEXT if possible
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