Blue Moon English Shepherds

Tamara Baughman, Tennessee, 423-231-6613
Litter born February 27, 2024

Sire: Blue Moon’s Thunderbolt of Cadron Creek

Date of birth: 01/01/2019
Registration: ESCR
Hip screen: OFA Good
Other testing: MDR1 – Normal/Normal, CEA – Clear, PRA/PRCD – Clear, DM – Clear

Description: Thor is my husband’s trucking dog and has been since he was 5 months old. He is now 5 years old. His lines go back to old TN black and tan lines. I fell in love with him at 4 weeks and he came here 4 weeks later.

Thor is very outgoing and friendly. He’s always willing to say hi and give all the girls kisses. He is a tri color. Thor is well known across the country at many truck stops and rest stops. He hunts rodents daily at them. At rest stops he has chased coyotes away, helping to protect kids.

Thor has good recall and loves to help work cattle. He is our main herder when he’s at home, but he is a very strong rodent hunter too. Thor is a Talker and always has something to say, whether he’s asked or not. He is 24 inches tall, 68 pounds, and has a wavy coat.

Pedigree: Cadron Creek’s Duke is a Dandy x Cadron Creek’s Emily Elizabeth

Dam: Blue Moon’s Independence

Date of birth: 07/10/2019
Registration: ESCR
Hip screen: OFA Good
Other testing: MDR1 – Normal/Normal, CEA – normal, PRA/PRCD – clear, DM – clear, HU clear

Description: Indi is daughter to our original English Shepherds Sky and Knight. She works chickens, goats and our cattle. She helps with herding them to where they need to go, and protecting from predators like stray dogs and opossums, and such, that steal eggs or chickens. Indi loves going places but also is protective of the animals.

Indi is not a social, over-friendly dog except with family. She has traveled with hubby in his Semi as she really loves him. Indi is a large female standing at 24 inches tall and 66 pounds. She’s a copperish-red sable with Irish white markings.

Pedigree: Blue Moon’s Winter Knight x Blue Moon’s Autumn Sky of Green Mountain


Litter born February 27th, 2024 – 10 pups. 3 boys 7 girls many sables and a few tris.

We are a small farm that have been breeding English Shepherd’s for 11 years. Indi is a second generation and last-born daughter of our 2 older English Shepherds Sky and Knight. Indis first litter was placed on working farms all over the country. We also had couple of second buyers from those that owned her sister or brothers from previous litters.

My breeding goal is temperament first and I place pups based off Temperament Testing. My goal in breeding is for a sound, all around family farm dog – one that lives with us but also watches our backs and helps with chores as needed.

Pups will be fully registered with the English Shepherd Club Registry.

Previous Litters
10/03/2022 – 9 pups

Breeder Info/Location/Contact Information: please call or email for more information (see contact details below)
When did you have your first ES litter? July 27, 2014
When did you acquire ES breeding stock? 2012
Did you own ES before starting your breeding program? Yes, for 2 years.

Tamara Baughman
Click on the above name to send an email to Tamara, however, Tamara has shared that TEXT is usually the best way to get in touch.

(423) 231-6613 – if calling please leave a message – I have iffy phone signal here. We do have a Facebook group called Blue Moon English Shepherd’s, just ask to join. I can also be reached on Messenger as Tamara Baughman or on MeWe too as Blue Moon English Shepherd’s.