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Welcome to the English Shepherd Club, your best source of information about English Shepherds. We welcome new owners as well as those who have had English Shepherds for many years. We are the primary guardian of the breed and code of ethics and are deeply committed to protecting and improving the breed in the United States.

Our responsibility is to preserve, support, and promote the English Shepherd Breed. The Club is a non-profit, educational organization encouraging good breeding practices for the English Shepherd by providing information and recommendations for prospective owners, and breeders.

The English Shepherd Club’s purpose is to provide a venue where owners and breeders can exchange information and participate in all English Shepherd activities, including but not limited to working stockdog, herding, protection, obedience, agility, tracking, companion dog, flyball, search and rescue, and therapy work.

Membership in the English Shepherd Club is $40 per calendar year. Multi-year memberships are available at a discounted rate.
For answers to common questions, please see Membership FAQ below.

To apply for new membership please see the online New Member Application.

If you would like to apply by mail, please print the membership form and mail with check to:
English Shepherd Club,
Sandi Greene
2516 Winningham Rd.
Chapel Hill NC 27516

What is the term of an ESC membership?2022-07-26T16:40:39-04:00

ESC Memberships cover a calendar year – January through December. Whether you start your membership in January, February, March, April, May, or June, it will expire at the end of December. An annual membership costs $40.

What if I join later in the year?2022-09-12T10:10:04-04:00

Starting in July of each year, a partial year membership is provided at half the cost of the annual membership. This option is available from July through November each year. New members who join in December will be signed up for the following year’s membership.

What if I want to join for more than one year?2022-08-04T14:21:35-04:00

There are also multi-year memberships available at a discount.
All of these payment options are available on the membership payment pages:

New Member Sign Up

Do I have to fill in any paperwork or sign anything to join?2024-01-26T15:56:25-05:00

Memberships are only accepted for those who fill in an application form prior to paying. The application may be filled in online or on paper:

New Member Sign Up

Paper Application

Does the Club offer any publications to members?2022-09-14T15:22:40-04:00

All members receive six publications each year: five of those are our newsletter, the Shepherd’s Call. The sixth publication is the Annual Breeders’ Directory, which is published each year in May.

There are also other publications printed by the Club that are available for purchase in the ESC Shop.

How will I know when my membership is expiring?2022-08-18T12:23:04-04:00

You will receive a renewal notification to your membership email address.

I have other questions. Who can answer them?2022-07-26T16:45:40-04:00

Specific questions may be directed to any officer of the club. These email addresses may be helpful:


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