English Shepherd Club Committees

Working Committees

Here is a list of the working committees of the English Shepherd Club.

Health and Genetics

Co-Chairs: Leah Wetherill and Rob McMillin
Board Liaison: Rebecca Wingler
Description: This committee shall address health issues in the English Shepherd breed, and help identify and manage genetic traits that help make the ES an all-around working dog. The Committee may make relevant research articles available as well as provide educational articles to the Club. The Committee may collect genetic data from dogs whose owners volunteer to participate, for investigation into the genetic health of the breed. To these ends, the Committee may develop working contacts with other individuals or groups dealing with rare bloodlines or closely related breeds. This information shall be distributed to the Club membership at least annually.

Members: Jean Rawlings, Rebecca Wingler, Janeen McMurtrie, Sara Lira, Alison Kerr

Subcommittee: Conservation
Subcommittee Chair: TBA
The Conservation sub-committee is dedicated to locating and protecting the English Shepherd as an all-around farm dog, through projects inspired by the Livestock Conservancy and the book A Conservation Breeding Handbook.  Potential projects include, but are not limited to, a breed census, first limited to the ESCR but later potentially expanding to include other registries, and a breeders’ survey, including both ESC and non-ESC English Shepherd breeders.

Members: Alison Kerr, Mindy Mills, Sara Lira


Chair: Jan Hilborn
Board Liaison: Rebecca Wingler
Description: Members of this committee shall collect and catalog various documents, books, and other materials relating to the history of the English Shepherd breed or serving as an educational resource for members of the ESC.
Members: Martha Connolly Dreste


Chair: Pam Kaye
Board Liaison: Pam Kaye
Description: This committee processes new members and renewals, maintains the membership roster, and collects volunteer information.  The committee also greets new members, answers questions, assists with litter listings, and mails out new member packets and other club publications.

Members: Jean Rawlings (litters), Sherie McMullen, Barbara Light, Meg Rodney, Carol McQuade, Sandi Greene (mailing)


Chair: Carol Greet
Board Liaison: Carol Greet
Description: This committee provides information and recommendations for the prospective owner, current owners, and breeders of the English Shepherd.  It also produces and edits the Shepherds Call and other club printed materials.

Members: Dianne Kuhl


Chair: Michele Collins
Board Liaison: Caroline Betts
Description: This committee functions as an advisory board, overseeing the operation of the Registry and recommending policy and procedures for its functioning.

Members: Rebecca Wingler, Jane Mantell,  Marcy Oerly, Jean Rawlings

Subcommittee: Step-In
Co-Chairs: Carolyn Christman and Cheryl Johnson
Board Liaison: Rebecca Wingler
Description: The Step-In Committee reviews registry applications for dogs lacking the documentation for regular registration.  It then recommends to ESCR on registration and level.

Members: Jan Hilborn, Nancy McVaugh, Amy Dorsch, Sandi Greene, Rebecca Wingler (non-voting)


Chair: Nancy Houtkooper
Board Liaison: Dianne Kuhl
Description: This committee includes the current President/Vice President of NESR and the current President of the ESC.  This committee serves as a point of contact and coordination for joint efforts between the ESC and NESR.  Other members may be appointed depending on the current needs of the Committee.

Members: Nancy Houtkooper, Diane Kuhl


Chair: Kathi Tesarz
Board Liaison: Pam Kaye
Description: This committee handles website development and maintenance, the registry database, and performs IT work.

Members: Rob McMillin, Jo Duffy, Rebecca Wingler , Alison Kerr

Ways & Means

Board Liaison:
Description: This committee drafts fund-raising policies and procedures and helps to organize and oversee fund-raising projects.

Subcommittee: Fundraising, Gatherings, and Events
Description: This committee develops a fund-raising plan and works to meet an annual goal. In addition, this committee encourages, helps to plan, and helps to facilitate local gatherings, educational programs and other English Shepherd events.

Members: Alison Kerr,  Amy Koch, Sandi Greene, Caroline Betts

Subcommittee: Calendar
Chair: Rob McMillin
Board Liaison: Dianne Kuhl
Description: This committee solicits, reviews, selects and votes on the photos submitted for each year’s calendar.  They prepare the photos for printing, lay out, proofread, collaborate with a commercial printer, advertise and mail out calendar orders.

Members: Core –Rob McMillin, Jan Hilborn, Dianne Kuhl

At-large – Irith Bloom, Marianne Magin, Ellen Schulze, Jean Rawlings, Kathi Tesarz, Sandi Greene