Effective November 1, 2016, In order for a litter to be listed on the ESC website, the following criteria must be met:

  1. The breeder must be an ESC club member and have a signed ESC Breeder Requirements & Recommendations form on file with the ESC Treasurer.
  2. Both the sire and the dam must be at least 18 months old at the time of whelping.
  3. The breeding shall not be the third or more back-to-back breeding for a bitch (if breedings are less than 10 months apart).
  4. Litters will be listed for breeders. The breeder is defined as the owner of the litter, and is the owner or lessee of the dam of the litter. For the purposes of litter listings, ownership of the dam may be established by registration records or according to the criteria in Section 5.1 of the ESC Registry Rules and Regulations. Any suitable documentation may establish the breeder as the lessee of the dam.

FOR BREEDERS: Breeders wishing to list a litter should fill out and email the ESC Breeder Requirements & Recommendations form to membership@englishshepherd.org or mail to Pam Kaye. Submit a litter listing from the online form here. You must be a member to access this form in the member only section of this website.

The National English Shepherd Rescue website also lists dogs and puppies available for adoption.

** Litters from dogs with working trait evaluations

You can also visit the ESC Breeder Directory to locate breeders in your area. Many breeders have waiting lists.