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We are delighted you’ve chosen to learn more about our club, its members and our dogs. The English Shepherd Club was established in 1954 and is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit, member-run club. We maintain the breed specific English Shepherd Club Registry (ESCR) with an open/public database.

English Shepherds are working dogs, valued for their versatility, loyalty, and intelligence. They make wonderful active companions and working partners in homes where their intelligence, spirit, and devotion are understood and appreciated.

Explore and gain insight into the breed, its history, and resources for those interested in finding a dog or getting started with breeding and conservation.

Our Club’s primary role has been to protect and advance the interests of English Shepherds. We encourage an inclusive, fun, and educational environment for the owner-handler-breeder and their dogs.

We accomplish our purpose of breed conservation by providing:

  • Educational publications
  • A breed database and registry for population surveillance, research, and reporting
  • Breed health and behavior surveys
  • Volunteer networks for purposes of breed conservation

Why the English Shepherd?

  • A farmer’s helper, a loyal companion, a child’s shadow.

  • Intelligent, alert, responsive working dogs.

  • Exceptionally devoted. Rule oriented.

  • Strong desire to work with their owner.
  • Exhibit agility, stamina, & perseverance.

  • Excel at many dog sports.

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